The manufacturing process encompasses various processes to produce the components that are used to assemble electronic devices. We work directly with our manufacturing partners to produce all the components necessary to assemble products for our brands. Our manufacturing partnerships help us manage the entire production process, from start to finish, so that our products meet the highest performance and reliability standards.

Mechanical manufacturing

We use some of the most advanced technology and specialized tools to ensure the quality of the components produced. The processes can include 3D printing, injection molding, CNC milling, and CNC machining, among many others.

Electrical component manufacturing

the circuitry, power supplies, and other electrical components are acquired and used to assemble the PCB for each product. The PCBs are manufactured out of various materials based on the application.

Quality assurance

After the mechanical and electrical components are manufactured and assembled, the products are tested for quality assurance and reliability. Various tests and inspections are performed to verify the device’s performance per the specifications outlined in the planning and design phase.