We perform many different forms of engineering to produce top-quality products. We aim to have a strategic advantage by integrating into many aspects of the smart home technology vertical. This requires the product’s engineering and brainstorming on branding, marketing, and packaging. To be able to do this, we rely on our team of incredibly talented engineers, as well as engineering support from our manufacturers and partners.

In house engineering

Our in-house engineering primarily focuses on creating unique and satisfying user experiences for connected devices. Many smart devices available today have plenty of useful features and function very well. However, most of them have a very similar and mundane user experience. We have tasked ourselves to create an intuitive and joyful way to interact with your smart devices.

Engineering support

Intuitive interfaces and creative ways to interact with your devices are only part of the engineering puzzle. The hardware of the devices must be able to support the interactions. Our engineering partners assist us with our products’ electrical and mechanical design.