About onAlso Electronics Inc.

01. The Mission

Build smarter versions of the electronics we use daily to simplify our lifestyles and use less energy.

  • Live smarter
  • Waste less

02. The Approach

Design connected electronic solutions that are easy to set up with intuitive control interfaces.

  • Control effortlessly
  • Design for humans

03. Our Philosophy

Technology should be designed and engineered to be an enhancement for our day to day.

  • Technology for humans
  • Responsible tech
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About Us

We build smart technology for real people

We design smarter technology solutions with intuitive interfaces to assist with common tasks and simplify everyday living. Check out our blog to catch up with what we’ve been up to.

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Our areas of focus in the industry

Industry Focus



Selling directly to the consumer has many advantages for our businesses.

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We perform many different forms of engineering to produce top-quality products.

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Experience development

Experience development

We build intuitive and creative ways to interact with connected devices.

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