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  • Bulb Light

  • Lit Responsibly

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  • Smart devices

    We create smart technology solutions that transform everyday tasks into effortless experiences.

  • Home automation

    Our home automation solutions provide the ultimate convenience for controlling your environment.

  • Cloud solutions

    Our devices provide seamless integration with cloud IoT infrastructure, enabling interaction through various apps, voice assistants, and more.

  • Device security

    Every product we create is designed with security in mind. We are proud to offer secure devices that protect your data and provide privacy.

  • Platform support

    We work with a variety of different platforms, providing support and compatibility for our products.

  • Responsible tech

    Our mission is to create innovative, sustainable technology solutions to help you live responsibly.

  • Relatable brands

    We build unique brands with engaging messaging and helpful products designed to simplify the everyday.

  • Engaging promotions

    We create intriguing promotions, social media contests, and reward programs to keep engaged with our customers.

  • Customer service

    We provide unmatched customer service to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our products.

What we do

The key areas of focus
  • Engineering

    We perform many different forms of engineering to produce top-quality products.

  • Manufacturing

    The manufacturing process encompasses various processes to produce the components that are used to assemble electronic devices.

  • Experience Development

    We build intuitive and creative ways to interact with connected devices.

  • Marketing

    The core of our marketing efforts is unified messaging about our brands and the methods we use to distribute the messaging.

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